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KangerTech Cupti 75w Starter Kit With FREE 18650 Battery!

KangerTech Cupti 75w Starter Kit With FREE 18650 Battery!

The followup to the NEBOX is here, introducing the KangerTech CUPTI starter kit. This starter kit is another all in one device, similar to the NEBOX, but Kanger took all of the feedback from the original, made some improvements, and then released this new all in one e-cigarette.

The Kanger CUPTI all in one has the same form factor as the original, but the size has been reduced by a good amount. One of the problems a lot of NEBOX users were having was constant leaking, due to the bottom airflow mechanism. The new KangerTech Cupti fixes that problem by having the airflow control located on the top of the mod, rather than the bottom, where gravity would slowly force the e-liquid out. Not only is the leaking problem fixed, this new all in one mod also now has airflow control, so you can control the amount of airflow that you will receive and have the ability to quickly adjust that with just a turn of the nob.

The new CUPTI by KangerTech has a 5ml e-liquid capacity and can be quickly filled by removing the top airflow chamber. The reduced e-liquid capacity was designed by KT to reduce the overall size of the mod and make it an even more pocket friendly device for on the go vaping. When filling your tank on this mod, be sure to not fill above the clearly labeled max fill line. While it looks like your tank can hold much more than 5ml of e-liquid, the actual coil and mouthpiece will add volume to the tank, so that is why the max fill line is located about halfway up the tank.

Another improvement over the original? This new device uses a replaceable glass tank. The original featured a plastic tank, and some e-liquids have been known damage plastic with continued use. This new glass tank is replaceable, so if you drop/break your tank, you can easily swap it instead of being left out to try and have no way of using your device.

This mod does use one replaceable 18650 battery and it can be charged via the micro USB port, or you can quickly swap out your battery via the bottom battery cover for a fully charged 18650 battery. If you never want to remove your battery, you can still charge this mod as you would with an internal battery mod.

One of the most prominent differences between the CUPTI and the NEBOX is the increase wattage. This new all in one mod has 15 more watts than the previous version. This mod will go up to 75 watts and also has temperature control modes for Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Nichrome.

The OLED display on this all in starter kit is located on the top of the mod and it allows you to easily navigate the menu system. You can easily change your wattage/temp, or switch between power mode and temp control. The OLED display also shows your current battery life, the resistance of your coil, your current wattage/temp, and the voltage of the battery.

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