Innokin Zenith 0.8 ohm Z-Coils 5pack

Innokin Zenith 0.8 ohm Z-Coils 5pack

  • 0.8Ω Kanthal Coil
  • Warmer vape requiring more wattage

Optimum range  of 14W - 17W

Innokin Zenith/Zlide Coils 
The innovative ‘chimney-style’ replaceable dual-top coils replace the middle chimney, found in most other tanks, with one long coil from top to bottom. They allow a greater service area to the coils, enhancing your vaping experience and flavour. The Japanese Organic cotton draws up the e-liquid to the dual top coils which create a delicious cloud of flavour.

These coils will only fit the Innokin Zenith or Innokin Zlide Tanks